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Our Adelaide based online marketing and SEO services are designed to take your business to the top level of visibility online.  Designing your website is a small piece of the puzzle if you want to bring more awareness to your brand. To get your site out there – you need to have the right tools in place to give your site the best chance of survival in this ever-competitive online world we live in.

In it Together

At Eye Dropper Designs, we have a team of dedicated people (not robots), who specialise in SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Social Media Marketing (such as Facebook, LinkedIn etc) and Paid Marketing Strategies (think Google Adwords). Every client has unique objectives they’re trying to reach, which means there is no one-size-fits-all marketing package available.  If you’re serious about moving your business to the next level, one of our experts will meet with you personally to discuss your needs and help create a plan to achieve your goals.  Not all forms of marketing are best suited to all types of businesses – so it’s important to get things right from the start, and only focus on the methods that will work for you.

Planning & Execution

Once we’ve agreed on a plan to move forward, our marketing specialists will walk you through the process from discovery and research, analysis and planning, through to implementation. Whether you’re looking to generate and increase business leads, build trust and rapport with existing clientele, provide a platform to share knowledge and information, create an interactive e-commerce platform – or some other completely customised solution, we’ll put the right actions in place to provide you with the level of support you need.

In-house Support

Local knowledge is vital to getting your marketing strategy right.  Using our in-house team, we can assure you that your marketing and SEO tasks are not being outsourced to another country – where they lack this essential local knowledge. Our team is based right here in Adelaide, South Australia – and we have years of experience in local online marketing and SEO – for clients based in Adelaide and Australia-wide.

The other benefit of being local – is that we love to meet with our clients over a coffee to ensure we get the right information from you first-hand.  Of course, if you’re running to a tight schedule, or logistics don’t lend to a convenient meeting, we can make have virtual meetings too!

Monitoring and Moving Forward

Regardless of the marketing strategy decided on for your needs, we will provide you with initial reports on our investigations.  This will be your baseline – so we can look back over time to see where you were at the beginning compared to the progress over time.  Each month we provide you with update reports, and we’re always available to discuss these results with you and explain why certain things may be happening.

Over time, we’ll start to see a picture of how your marketing strategy is progressing.  Marketing online is a lot more complex than simply placing an ad in the paper – there are a wide range of factors involved in creating the right ads and techniques, combined with knowing who your target audience is, and how to reach them.  And to add another level of complexity, things are changing all the time.  You may have heard the term ‘algorithms’ – these are changing constantly, which means your marketing strategy needs to change accordingly.

Your journey will be an ever-evolving strategy that needs to be molded to your growing and changing needs, along with the changing markets, techniques and algorithms involved.  This might sound overwhelming – but that’s why we’re here – to help you through every twist and turn!

The Elements

Eye Dropper Designs is proud to be able to offer you Google Certified team members to handle your online marketing and SEO advertising campaigns.

Being Google Certified means being recognised by Google as demonstrating proficiency in advanced aspects of Google AdWords – and being recognised as online advertising professionals.

Some of the Google tools we utilise include:

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is an investment you will make in your business to boost your online visibility. SEO is a long-term strategy designed to bring organic traffic to your website, and it’s currently the best method you can use to get your website ranking higher in the various search engines out there.  To put that in plain English – SEO helps people find your website in their search results.  Without SEO, you will likely need to rely on other paid marketing avenues in order for people to find your website.

SEO is very much a ‘what you put in is what you get out of it’ strategy.  So the more time and effort that goes into the SEO activities performed, the faster you will start to see results.  A lot of people can get frustrated early on with SEO as the results aren’t always apparent in the early days – and results are often influenced by factors outside of your / our control, such as how much competition there is in your particular industry – the more niche your industry, the quicker and easier your SEO will perform.

Selecting the right SEO package for your needs might seem like a daunting task – so we’ve structured our plans around the ideal efforts required for a small to medium sized business.  We can certainly cater for larger businesses, and will customise an SEO package to suit any business’ needs.

We recommend moving through a progression of plans throughout the life of your website – depending on where your website is at in terms of size, visibility and your growth goals.  Starting with the Boost package is ideal for all new website owners, or for websites who have not had any SEO strategies applied to them.  This plan is designed to really kick-start your online presence and get you visible results in as little as 3 to 6 months.  Of course, the longer you stick to the Boost plan, the faster your site will grow online and the more clients you’ll attract.

Search Engine Optimisation is a tricky task at the best of times, but it’s an essential element in every website these days – and is the key ingredient to growing your client-base organically.

We’ve all been swept up by the Social Media bandwagon in one way or another – even if you’re not an active use, chances are you know what it is, and most of the people you know have their own accounts.  Social media refers to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter and the list goes on! With so many people online and on social media, this has become one of the most popular marketing avenues for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

If you’ve dabbled in some social media marketing, you’ll know that it can be a complex beast to master.  Each site have their own tips, tricks and techniques to get the best return on investment – so to hit more than one or two of these streams is going to require an increasing amount of time and patience as you learn the various systems.  That’s why our Social Media experts – are experts!   They spend all day every day working in these environments – learning how to best target the right audience depending on the message that needs to be broadcast.  Our experts know how to capture the right audience and how to elicit the best actions to get the best results for your business.

One of the benefits of social media marketing can be the lower cost compared to some of the other marketing avenues available.  In addition to this, results are often seen immediately – or over a predicted period of time.  And as with other forms of online marketing – social media marketing allows for flexibility – changing and adapting your campaigns to modify the results being achieved.

Advertising on Google is like putting an ad in the newspaper.  When someone goes online and searches for a product or service, there’s a set of results – that are displayed – like the classifieds section of the paper!  The only guaranteed way you can ensure your product or service (or website) will show up in a particular search is with paid advertising.

Usually with paid advertising, we will work within your website to create specific landing pages – so that when someone clicks on your ad, the content they see first it the content that is most relevant to their needs.  There’s no point taking them to a generic / general page of your website and losing their interest within seconds of getting them there.  So we work with you to get as specific as possible with your paid advertising to ensure you get the best possible return on investment.

But there’s a lot more to it than that.  With a Google Advertising campaign in place, we take an in-depth look at your ideal clients and design the campaign around how to target them online – looking at things like their geographic location, demographic, specific interests and more.  Simply putting an ad out to everyone with a heartbeat can be a recipe for disaster – so our job is to ensure we keep your ads specific and engaging.

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Thank you to everyone at Eye Dropper Designs who helped me create my logo and entire business branding. I’m really happy with the outcome and love the simplicity of my website. The SEO work you’ve done for me has boosted my business significantly – we had a really noticeable jump in leads, and we put it all back to your hard work. Thanks.

I love the simplicity!
Gary Bruce, Owner, Treefella Masters

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