Company Overview

We’re all about web design and hosting, photography and video services, seo and marketing and more!

EyeDropper Designs is an Adelaide based designs business catering to clients across South Australia, as well as several national and international clients. We believe that every client is unique and as such we always provide a personalised service based on your needs. We are known for providing unmatched quality services and our small team of highly skilled professionals ensures that every aspect of your business is covered – exactly the way you want it!

At EyeDropper we know the significance of good eye-catching graphic, website, and photographic design services. Our professional and dedicated designers work hard to produce attractive and unique designs for you so that you are assured completely unique designs specifically catering to your individual requirements.

Adelaide Website Designs, Graphics, Photography & Video – at your fingertips!


Why choose usThe Concept Behind Our Name is the Mission That Motivates Us.

The Eyedropper Effect

The eyedropper tool is one that is used widely in the world of design. It is used to replicate, or produce something with exact precision!

Getting colours right is so important in websites and graphic design – colour plays a big role in the overall effect of your project and can be the difference between an ‘okay’ project outcome, and a ‘super-successful’ project outcome. We find a lot of value in taking time to analyse the basics of a project – such as colour and its affect on the target audience of your project, to ensure that we start with a strong platform from the very beginning. The eyedropper tool comes into play from the very start.


The Concept

The eyedropper effect is the concept that Eye Dropper Designs employs when designing any of our products for you, our client. The concept is, that we will give you what you want – exactly the way you want it. Whether that be to replicate some hand drawn art work, or produce something from a concept, our aim is to give you exactlythe design you are looking for!

Giving you a friendly and personalised service, Eye Dropper Designs can help you from the initial conception and planning of an idea, through to design and production!

Our Eye Dropper effect is one that we apply stringently – whether it be our custom website designs, intricate graphic designs, or breath-taking photography and video packages.


The Guarantee

Here at Eye Dropper Designs, we guarantee that you will receive high quality, professional service on every occasion. We guarantee that your final product will be produced to your specifications, with eye-catching designs, every time!

One of the ways we prove our worthiness to you, is by offering risk-free monthly plans – opt-out at any time, free of charge.

Our core servicesLearn more about what we do

We have four core services at Eye Dropper Designs.  Most of our clients utilise a combination of elements from within each of these services, to produce a truly customised solution.   Whether you require a complete solution, or you simply need assistance, support and guidance with your next project, we have the exertise to help you reach your goals!

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