Our partners – the Eye Dropper Designs Group

Eye Dropper Designs encompasses more than just a website and design business, we also have a dedicated photography & video business, and a very exciting photobooth business! We work together as a team to create a trifecta of digital excellence and fun!

Professional Photos and Video - Eye Dropper Designs Group Logos

Professional Photos and VideoCorporate, Weddings, Fundraising, Schools and more!

With our photography and video services growing so rapidly, we’ve branched out to create Professional Photos and Video.  With a dedicated team of professional camera operators and editors, we can cater to all your family, corporate and fundraising photographic and videographic needs.

Todays Photobooth - Eye Dropper Designs Group Logos

Today's PhotoboothInteractive fun, for any event!

With so many corporate clients coming our way, and of course weddings and events from our photography work, we quickly found a fun addition to our services.  All our clients receive 10% discount off our photobooth packages!

Our Extended Family

Although not quite part of the Eye Dropper Designs team, these awesome businesses are created and proudly run under our banner.  Introducing three more of our amazing side-kicks!  Each one valued in its own uniqueness.

Pro Photo Seeker - Eye Dropper Designs Group Logos

Pro-Photo SeekerMatchmaker for photographers and clients

We hate turning work down, but there are some jobs – outside our geographical abilities that we just can’t get to.  So we created Pro Photo Seeker to help bridge clients with their perfect photographer, in their location!

Your Family Books - Eye Dropper Designs Group Logos

Your Family BooksUnique books for all families!

Each book contains a special story and activity section for children to really love and cherish their reading journey.  Helping to spread the joy of equality through these vibrant children’s books is something very close to our hearts.

Queer as Peas - Eye Dropper Designs Group Logos

Queer as PeasConnecting the LGBTI Community

Another gap in the market led us down the path to Queer as Peas.  A listings site that helps the LGBTIQ community find service providers in their area who are LGBTIQ friendly!

Trusted & Reliable

All of the wonderful businesses below have been tried and tested by yours truly!  Here at Eye Dropper Designs, we love each and every one of these businesses for the skills, services, advice and expertise they have within their specialised industries.

Feel free to click on their logo and check out their businesses for yourself!  

EyeSky UAV Imaging Specialists


Skope IT

Skope ITwww.skopeit.com.au

Gilberts Accounting

Gilberts Accountingwww.gilbertsaccounting.com.au

Superior numbers

Superior Numberswww.superiornumbers.com.au

Build Yourself a Network!

Running a successful business is all about the networks and connections you make.  We’d love to share our connections with you – so please, get in touch so we can make our businesses stronger, together!