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Remote Workstations for Your EmployeesHow will your business survive during forced quarantine periods?

How will you keep your business running ‘as usual’ during forced isolation? Maintaining workflow and client contact, tracking staff performance, encouraging communication and performing all essential tasks will likely come to a grinding halt if your face-to-face working environment is shut down.

Setting up a Remote Workstation will reduce the strain on your business allowing you and your employees to maintain essential day-to-day activities.


For your employees, for your clients and for you.

Protect your staff and your clients

Protect your staff and your clients by providing a means for your staff to work from home in times of isolation.  By reducing their need to physically attend their place of employment, you’re showing the utmost due diligence and care by providing a proactive and flexible solution.

Enhance connectedness - because being alone doesn't have to be lonely.

Enhance connectedness throughout isolation periods by providing secure communication facilities.  Enabling group forums, chat groups, and private messaging capability will ensure there’s ample opportunity to communicate with your staff, and allow for continued collaboration and comradery.

Maintain productivity and manage workloads

Maintain productivity by providing your staff with a secure online facility to access essential information and documents to allow them to continue performing their roles as required.  Add to this a system for tracking hours worked and monitoring and managing ongoing projects and day-to-day tasks, and there isn’t much that can’t be achieved away from the office.

Reduce forced leave

Reduce sick leave from your employees by providing a suitable platform to enable a home-working environment.  Being quarantined and isolated doesn’t mean your staff should be forced to take sick-leave or other entitlements – which unnecessarily uses up their hard-earned leave options, and leaves you and your clients under pressure with higher workloads.


Act now and reap the rewards.

Solving today problem & creating future rewards

Future proof your business by setting up remote workstation capabilities today, and allow your staff to experience flexible working options for many years to come.  A small investment today could become one of your most valuable assets in the future.

Time's up. Act now for immediate results.

Development time frames need to be fast in order to be prepared for a forced shut-down that could be enforced on any day.  We can have you set up with remote workstations within one week.  All features are included and can be disabled if not required.

High demand availability - The online world is booming, right now!

Due to high demand, we have placed a limit of 5 new Remote Workstation extra-net builds per week.  To secure your build in the earliest possible time frame, please get in touch by phone or email if you have any queries, or click here to lodge your expression of interest and we will be in touch within 24 hours to discuss further.

Act now to get your remote workstation set up within one week.Build times are limited due to current high demand - secure your place today.

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