Confused about creating or redesigning your company brand design and identity?

Brand design is the tedious process that so many companies go through periodically to redesign their brands and create a fresh identity.  There are so many elements to factor in, so how do you know which ones to focus on?  Here are some of our top priorities when creating a new logo and branding.

Consider your target market

One mistake business owners often make is to design their business the way ‘they’ like it.  Yes – it’s important that you’re happy with the way your business looks, feels and operates, but are you  a typical person that sits within your target market?  If not, then you should not be offended when your graphic designer creates something that you don’t necessarily like!

Your logo and brand design needs to speak to the people you are trying to reach.  This is done through use of appropriate colours, shapes, font types, use of wording and images and more.  If your favourite colours are red and black, and your targeting parents of babies and toddlers, you’ll probably struggle to create a logo and brand with the core colours of red and black…  See what I mean?

Consider versatility

In ‘the old days’, it was important to consider how a logo would look printed on paper in black and white.  So a logo had to look good in colour and in a black and white version.  These days, this is still a small factor to consider, but overall versatility of your branding is much bigger than converting to black and white.

Your brand design should work well on your website – it needs to be suitable for the design of your site, or rather, the design of your site needs to be based on the brand design of your business.  This needs to be considered across all devices of course.   How will it work with your promotional materials such as business cards, letterheads, printed flyers etc.  It needs to be incorporated into online newsletters and social media accounts.

All of these elements need to be designed as a part of your brand design process. If you leave one element out, you’re leaving gaps in your brand causing a potential exit point for a confused client!

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Simplicity & consistency

Some brands will warrant complexity in their design and overall appearance.  There will be reasons for this, and that’s ok if it’s executed carefully and monitored for success.  However 99% of the time, you should aim for simplicity and consistency with your brand design.

These days it is quite acceptable, and in some cases encouraged, to have your business name as your logo.  This of course needs to be done using the right font, colours, alignment etc, but done in the right way can leave your brand looking quite slick, appealing and memorable.  If you’re going to have an icon or image to accompany your business name – keep is simple and clean whenever possible, and try to make sure it fits within a square box.  You’ll be grateful down the track when you realise how versatile it will be for you!

Consistency is important – not just saying that you need to use the same logo everywhere.  Your logo is allowed to be used in different layouts and orientations – just ensure you do it with intention and in a manner that makes it very clear that it’s still your brand.  Colours and images / photos will play a vital role in consistency.

Brand Design for your future

This can be a tough to do, but wherever possible think about the future of your business.  What are your goals and where do you see your business in a 2, 5, 10 years time?  Try to think about your growth, challenges, changes and make sure your brand works to maintain everything you’re trying to achieve now, but leaves room for growth in the future.

This could mean creating a unique set of icons and imagery, including those for your future plans.  Having those created now could be the constant reminder and motivation to bring your goals to fruition earlier!  It could mean creating a colour scheme that factors in a change that is to come.

Thinking about your future branding requirements can be hard – but give it a go, at the very least it could help you eliminate some potentially bad choices for the current brand design.

Brand design is a complex beast.  There’s a lot more to it than just these elements mentioned above, but even if these are the four things you focus on today, then you’ll be off to a great start!  Make your branding memorable and make it stand out for all the right reasons!

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