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Adelaide Website Design Company – Is Local Better?

Are you looking at hiring an Adelaide website design company? Are you trying to work out if local is best – or should you be looking to outsource to a larger firm interstate or overseas?  In this article, we’ll run you through our thoughts on the ‘local vs larger’ debate.

To start with, let us just point out to you that we ARE a local Adelaide website design company.  We have local and international clients, but the local ones far out-number the international ones.  We were wondering why this was – because, as an online service provider – we always knew that we could service clients not only Australia-wide, but world-wide too.  It was actually one of our companies initial goals!  So why aren’t we doing it as much as we’d hoped?

The Answer is Simple. > > >  Customer Service!

What we’ve found over time (and we’ve been operating since 2010), is that our clients really love the one on one, personalised customer service they get – which is often face to face.  Yes – a lot can be done via email, Skype and the likes, but nothing beats sitting down with someone, talking through your ideas, brainstorming solutions, creating mud-maps etc.  With a local Adelaide website designer – it’s only too easy to arrange a convenient time and location to meet (since – as we know, you can get anywhere in Adelaide within about 20 to 30 minutes!).

So are you compromising on quality for the sake of this customer service?  Well – absolutely not!  The best way to figure that out for yourselves – is to go through portfolios and reviews of all your potential web designers.  Look for websites in their portfolios that have similar functions or features to what you’re looking for.  If you think you’ve found a web design company that you like, but you can’t see a relevant portfolio piece, well – ask them!  In our case, we don’t showcase every single one of our websites.  So we select a few to display, and offer further examples on request.  

Interstate or Overseas?

So what about taking your business interstate or overseas – can you expect to get the same level of service?  Well, from personal experience I can tell you that you won’t.  Endless phone conferences and Skype meetings can not compete with face to face interactions.  It’s less personal and less effective.  There’s less emotion in written correspondence and too much opportunity for misunderstandings.  

Another caution about using external service providers is that you may not be able to confirm where the work is actually being done.  Are you simply talking to a person in a sales position, who may be located in Australia – but they’re then outsourcing all of the work to an international company?  This happens a lot more than you might like to think. 

The problem with this, is a bit like the problem with Chinese whispers – you provide your information online, then someone accepts that information and interprets it best they can, and then they forward it to another set of hands, and who knows what happens to it from there.  By the time it reaches its final destination, despite the fact that there will be unnecessary lost time with this, your main message has probably been lost or diluted in the process.

At the end of the day, when choosing the right web design company for you and your business, you need to make sure that you feel comfortable with the decision you’ve made.  If you hold a high value on receiving a high level of customer service, then perhaps you’d be best considering a local Adelaide Website Design company. 

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