Do you sell products or services?  Are you an expert in your field or industry?  Do you want to make more revenue simply utilising the knowledge you already have? 

Then maybe you need to venture down the avenue of a membership site.

What is a membership site?

Put simply, it’s a login system that allows its users to gain access to information that would not otherwise be available to them.  It might be photos, videos, access to certain products or information – the options really are endless.

You can make money by selling your expertise!

If the information and products available in your membership site are of high enough value, you can generate a recurring revenue by attaching a membership fee to your login system.   The fee doesn’t have to be high – it just has to reflect the value of what they’ll be able to get out of being a member.

You might sell your expert knowledge on health and fitness – perhaps by providing free diet and exercise guides, or you might be an accounting expert with published books on how you became financially free – you could release information that’s above and beyond that of your published books, made available only to people who sign up for a membership.   Whatever your expert knowledge is, find an angle that people would be prepared to pay you for!  (Remember – the membership fee does not have to be high – a few dollars multiplied by a few hundred members adds up pretty quickly!)

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Benefits of a membership site

How will a membership site help?

Creating an opportunity for revenue is not the only benefit of a membership site. In fact – even having a membership site with no membership fees attached to it can still bring you more money.  Here’s a few explanations of how…:

  • Google ads – you can get paid for running ads on your membership site. In the past, it was frowned upon to do such a thing – to clutter your perfect page with all these ugly ads.  But these days, not only do the ads (generally speaking) appear of higher quality, people are used to seeing them.  It’s not uncommon to go to a membership site and be faced with a few ads here and there.
    Keep the ads clean and simple and minimise their annoyance as much as possible, and if you’re pulling in hundreds of members each week / month, you’ll gradually reap the benefits without necessarily having to charge your clients.
  • Qualify your expertise and get more clients – running a membership site in a powerful tool. You can invite prospective clients to become members. They’re not signing up for your services, they’re signing up for your knowledge (or free products – or whatever you’re giving them in the membership site).  But the more you give them, and the higher the value to the members, the more likely they are to turn to you and use your services when the time comes.  Again, paid membership sites and free membership sites are the same – you’re building trust and validating your skills and knowledge.
  • Social Media – guess what – people love to gossip. They talk about the good, the bad and the ugly.  Let’s assume you’re providing them with high quality content, content that excites them, then they’ll want to brag about it to their friends and family on social media.  So off they go – sharing your content  or your website.   So by running a membership site, you’ve also increased your visibility on the web and on social media.  But beware – sometimes these tactics can turn into a snowball effect…  One person shares, the next person reads it and signs up!  Then they share it, and before you know it, you’ve got members joining and sharing your content left, right and centre!  What a dilemma… right!


Ok.  So clearly we were being sarcastic about it being a dilemma.  It would be truly awesome wouldn’t it!  So why not give it a go.  Set yourself up with a membership site and see if you can reap the rewards.

Can’t afford to set up a membership site on your own?  We get it – paying $10,000 upfront for a website can be daunting.  We’ll take the ease off with our risk free monthly plans.  Get in touch and we’ll talk to you about how it works – obligation and risk free.