How to choose the best domain name

You would have noticed some great domain names getting around, and the best ones are memorable for a specific set of reasons. When it comes time to choose your domain name, following these same principles can help ensure you secure the best domain name for you.

“Success comes from standing out, not fitting in.” – Don Draper, Mad Men. 

Keep it unique. If your domain name is too similar to your competitors, or any other business, it will make it harder for your target market to locate you. It’ll also see you lost in the haze rather than standing out from the crowd.

“Being memorable equals getting picked.” – Jeffrey Pfeffer, Author.

If your domain name is catchy, it’ll stick in people’s heads. But beware, it has to suit your business name also, and it’s best to avoid choosing something kitsch.

“Company names without clear pronunciation or spelling won’t last.” – David Rusenko, Weebly Founder/CEO.

Domain names that are hard to pronounce or spell can make people feel dumber than they are. Making your target market feel dumb is rarely a smart marketing strategy.

“Keep it simple and focus on what matters.” – Confucius, Philosopher.

You may have noticed that the best domain names will avoid hyphens, underscores, and numerals. These appear as clutter and create a messy image. Stick to letters and words.

“Give everyone the power to share anything with anyone.” Mark Zuckerberg, Co-Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Facebook.

Check the availability of social media URL’s before deciding on your domain name. Consistency between your domain name and social media profiles gives off an air of professionalism and completeness. I.e, with the equivalent of

Finally, register both the .com and the It’s cheap to register both, and you can redirect one to the other. The will give your clients assurance that you’re a registered Australian business (you can’t register the without an ABN) and owning the .com will stop anyone registering a very similar website address to yours.

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Find the right hosting providerSo now you've decided on a Domain Name - but how do you actually own it?

Finding a domain host provider could be your next challenge.  There’s plenty of options available, and as with most things in life – we all want the best quality possible at the best possible price.  Hosting a domain name is not a difficult task – however it is good to go with a reputable provider so that you can be sure you’ll get the best assistance if and when the time may arise.

If you do a Google Search on ‘domain name host’ or anything else to that effect, you’ll probably see some of the major contenders pop up first – such as Crazy Domains and  GoDaddy. And trust us – there’s 100’s of others to choose from too.  In most cases – your local IT expert can probably host your domains too – so don’t forget to give them a call as you will likely get a great deal and you’ll be getting a more personalised service too.  If you’re in Australia – feel free to check out one of our local IT experts – Skope IT.

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