No Facemask?  No Worries!

Are you running a business in Australia and trying to work out how to protect your business from coronavirus ?  I’m guessing you’ve realised that you won’t find a facemask in any of the shops – they sold out clean weeks ago!  And let’s not get started on the toilet paper situation.

It’s becoming clearer that the answer is going to be – work from home.  Did you ever imagine that you’d be forced into transforming your business into a remote working environment?  A situation where you send your staff home, or rather, make them stay at home – accessing their work and trying to keep business running as usual from the comfort of their own home office.  For many Aussie businesses, this is looking like the looming reality!

But HOW can we work efficiently from home?

I know – it’s a stressful thing to think about.  How can you protect your business from coronavirus by sending all your staff home, but keep your team working together and accessing the same vital information that you would normally share in a face-to-face office environment?  The good news is, it CAN be done!

Ever heard of an intranet?  (I’m sure you have!).  But if you haven’t – an intranet is kind of like the internet – but it operates within an internal network and is primarily used by companies to allow their staff to receive information and communicate (and many other functions) within their local private network.  

Well, there’s also such a thing as an extranet.  An extranet does the same thing as an intranet – but it allows your employees to be located anywhere in the world – even in the comfort of their own coronavirus locked-down home office!

Intranet / Extranet and Internet Safety

To bring this all together nicely, you will need to ensure that your employees have access to a computer.  These days, let’s assume everyone has a smart device of some sort! They’ll also need to access the internet.  Again, our assumption is that there’s an internet source running through every household.

From there, once each of your employees have their login credentials, they just need to startup their computer, make sure the internet is connected and off they go! 

Now – I can hear your hesitation already.  But if our important information is being shared via the internet (as opposed to an internal ‘intranet’ network), it isn’t going to be safe or private.  Well, luckily there are many features available for an extranet site to protect you from all those looming hackers and privacy pokers.  

There are login registrictions, redirects, file uploading limitations and other ways we can ensure your site stays away from Google’s search-bots and remains only accessible to you and your employees.

Core Features 

Ok.  So here’s the thing.  Why do you actually need this intranet / extranet website for your business?  Remember, the goal here is to protect your business from coronavirus and all it’s nasty lock-down side-effects. If you still want your business to continue to operate throughout these lockdown periods – then you need a secure way for your employees to continue working as much as possible without disruption.  

Here’s a brief list of just some of the features we can offer you in a fully secure intranet / extranet website for your business:

  • Role management
    Set up admins for your site so that you’ve got support from key staff members to help manage the movement and content within the site.
  • Access control
    Assign certain projects to individuals or groups of employees
  • Time Tracking
    Allow your employees to track the time worked each day
  • Project management
    Including privacy support, file management, to-do list / function, commenting, notifications….
  • Conferencing capability
    Hold web meetings with your employees through your site
  • Forum Communications Hub
    Allow your employees to openly discuss any topic – in a ‘social-media-style’ forum
  • Live Chat Channels
    Allow employees to open live chat rooms / channels where conversations can take place with multiple employees at a time
  • Private Messaging
    Again, just like on other social media sites – your employees can message eachother in a closed / private environment
  • Event Management
    Create and manage events and calendar functions
  • And MORE!

You can see from the list above that your intranet site has the potential to be quite a beast!  You are of course not obligated to use all the features, and on the other hand, you might need a lot more than mentioned here. 

Development Timeframe

The next problem we face is time.  We don’t know if or when this coronavirus shutdown is going to hit, but many people say it’s not a matter of ‘if’, but a matter of ‘when’.  As of today, the speculation is that it’s possibly as short as one month away.

This is great because getting an intranet site up and running is 100% possible within such a short timeframe – and even in as little as one to two weeks!  

The best part about getting something like this off the ground is that you can start with a set of features – those that are most important to you and your business, and add to them over time as your need for them arises.

So the message here is, don’t let timeframe be your barrier.  Of course, the sooner you approach the problem and put this part of your contingency plan in place, the sooner you can relax knowing that your business can ride out this virus like the rest of us!

How to get started

This is the easy part.  Get in touch with Eye Dropper Designs and we will take care of the entire process for you, from beginning to end.  It really is that simple!

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