Having a professional image is kind of a big deal

We see it time and time again, business owners who believe having a professional image isn’t really needed for them – after all, they already get plenty of work.  Well, what about your competitors?  What does their image say about them?  Or more importantly, what do you clients think when they see your current image?  Let’s look into this a little deeper…

What do we mean by Professional Image?

Your professional image is a bit like your branding.  It’s not referring necessarily to your logo, your colour scheme and how it all comes together, although – yes – this forms part of your image.  Your image is a bit more than that – it’s the photos, videos, graphics and other bits and pieces that you use throughout your business.  What do people see when they go to your website, or when you post an ad, mail out flyers?  The quality of images you use will have a direct impact on your clients opinions of your business and the quality of service you deliver.

My phone takes a great photo

Yep.  It probably does.  But unless you’re a photographer, what are the chances that you actually took a ‘good’, or rather a ‘GREAT’ photo that will be converted to a professional image of your business?  There’s always that opinion out there that ‘oh – I just need a better camera and then I’ll be able to take better photos’…  Does that mean if you have a top of the range kitchen appliance that you’ll be able to bake a cake that’ll get a glowing report from Gordon Ramsay?

Trust me – it’s not always about the equipment, it’s about how you use it!

Preparing a ‘professional’ youtube video from your iPhone might cut it in the odd circumstance, but all-in-all, the investment in a professional photographer is going to make a world of difference to your professional image.

We take care of the elephant in the room

Take this images above, for example.  This cleaner was adamant that they wanted to stand out from the crowd!  Yes – they could have taken some crazy selfies, or downloaded some stock images, but they the importance of doing things the right way, from the start!

A series of banners will soon be pumped out on a weekly basis – promoting the fun, enthusiasm, professionalism and uniqueness that is their cleaning business.

professional image videos Eye Dropper Designs

Want to see what some professional videos look like?  You won’t find smart-phone editing here…  How does your last video compare?

Why is image important?

So why is a professional image so important?  It may not seem obvious at first, but the old saying, ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ really doesn’t apply when it comes to your business.

Humans are a judgmental bunch.  And what we see in the first two to three seconds will heavily impact on the decisions we make.  We make all sorts of assumptions based on first impressions.  Things like;

  • How large or small your business may be.  I mean, a business that puts more effort into their image must clearly have more money to spend, and are therefor larger, and as such, better?  Clearly this may not be the case, but there’s often a feeling of trust and assurance that comes from knowing a business is doing well.
  • How good or bad your services are likely to be.  If your image is of poor quality, and you seem ok with that, then the chances are that your service could be of poor quality too – and you’d probably be ok with that too?  Of course, YOU know that this isn’t the case, but trust me, this is what will subconsciously be going through peoples minds.

It’s not just about the ‘image’

And of course, your professional image isn’t always literally about the images you use.  You need to ensure you’re using the type of etiquette that you want your business to emulate.   You need to portray behaviors that lead people to believe they know who you are, what you do, how you act, and most importantly, the type of service they’re going to get from you.

So go on, get out there and show the world what you’re all about!  Get yourself some professional imaging and look good from the beginning!


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