My Website Drives me CRAZY ! ! !

Have you ever said “My website drives me crazy?”  Is your website too slow? Does it look out-dated?  Could it do with a bit of a makeover?  Do you have too many of those annoying pop-ups on every page? 

These are just some of the problems that can turn your potential clients running away from your site.  Having a slow website, or a website with too many issues can not only be a problem for you in terms of losing potential clients, but you’re also putting yourself at risk of annoying Google and the other engine bots too. 


My Website Drives me Crazy

My Website Drives me Crazy

Here’s a list of things to avoid, or things that you might like to consider that might result in you saying “ My website drives me crazy !” or that might be affecting your conversion rate:

A Slow Website

This can be caused by a wide range of problems, but quite often it’s to do with images that haven’t been sized properly during development. There could be some coding conflicts causing issues too – so if you think your images aren’t the problem – get a web developer to check out the coding on your site.

Crazy Colours!

There’s a lot of psychology that goes into colour schemes. The colours and graphics on your site need to be tailored – not tailored to your personal preferences, they need to be tailored to your target audience.  So if you’re not getting the right types of clients come through on your site – maybe it’s time to assess if you’ve geared for the right audience!


Things go out of date. Not just food in the fridge.  Logos, graphics, colour schemes – they all have the potential to become out-dated.  What looked good 5 years ago (or even 2 years, or 1 year ago), might not be what looks best now.  Don’t let your site get stale – get it looked over – ask for professional advice on your logo and imaging – they don’t have to change outrageously – but perhaps a makeover could make all the difference.

Annoying Pop-Ups!

Pop-ups are great! They serve a purpose.  And in some cases they can make all the difference to securing your next client.  But there IS such a thing as too many pop-ups!  They can get annoying.  So use them – but use them with caution, or you’ll risk becoming as annoying as a fly hovering around on a hot summers day!

Messy Navigation.

Get someone (other than yourself) to go through your site, and give them the challenge of finding certain things. Can they do it with ease, or did they spend minutes searching and guessing where to go?  Messy or bad navigations on your site can be an immediate turn-off for many people.  So make sure your menus and links are logical in their order and easy to find.

My Website Drives me Crazy

Check Your Site!

If you want to find out what a robot thinks of your site, check out any of these free website analysis tools – they’ll usually send you a report with some tips on how to improve.

We don’t recommend that you rely on website tools alone – get some humans involved in the process!

Now – this list should be enough to get you really thinking about, and critiquing your own website. So get going, start analysing your site, and stop saying “my website drives me crazy”.  Get your friends and family to do it too.  Make a list of all the potential things that could be damaging to your site, and then start to fix them one at a time!  Don’t let your website drive you crazy any more!

Need some help analysing your site?

We’d love to do a FREE analysis of your site.  Get in touch and you’ll speak to a real person – and we’ll give you a human’s perspective on how your sites travelling.  Even if you just want an un-biased opinion – we’d love to help!