Video Marketing for today

Video marketing is on the rise – and it’s no surprise to anyone who has anything to do with social media! Everywhere we turn, we’re finding ourselves reeling in on the latest and greatest of what’s on offer from the latest gadgets and fidget spinners to evolving environmentally friendly solar roof tiles and other building trends, and beyond.
The big guys have worked out that video marketing works. Throw in some catchy tunes, some fancy screen work and a product or concept to brag about – and the chances are – they’ll be someone out there waiting eagerly to find out all about it! So why can’t the small guys get in on this too? Well – you can!
Video marketing is not hard. We’ve all got a smart phone or a smart device these days right? So put it to good use. Get yourself a handy desk tripod or quality selfie stick and start filming!
Here’s a few tips to turning an average video, into a marketing masterpiece!

1. Sell Your Story

At the end of the day – you’re trying to sell a product or a service, right? But – customers are fed up with being bombarded by ads that try to sell them products and services. These days – people respond best when they can relate to the story of how your product or service will benefit them.
Present them with a story about how the product works and why it will be good for them. Show them that it’s a real life thing – not just a product in a packet.
Sell them your story and you’ll sell them your product!

2. Keep It Simple

Don’t get bogged down in detail. People are busy. The first few seconds of your video will impact your viewers – if they love it they’ll keep watching, if not, they scroll on and you’ve lost your opportunity for a sale.
Make it catchy – but keep it short, sharp and shiny. Your marketing video should go for absolutely no longer than 1 minute. 30 seconds is better, but the shorter the better – can you get it down to 10 seconds?
Be concise. Cut out the waffle. Make it appealing and, Keep. It. Simple.!

3. Entertain Your Guests

Think of your next clients / customers as your guest. You want to keep them entertained. Yes – you may have an important message to get across – but think of a way you can do it that keeps them wanting more. Add some humour and life to your video – you can do this simply by being yourself!
How would you entertain guests in your own home? You’d probably talk and laugh and get a little animated. Do that in your video and you’ll be off to a flying start!

4. Think One Step Ahead

Everything you do online for your business contributes to your online presence (dah)…
Ever heard the term SEO? Search Engine Optimisation.
Well something as simple as setting a few hash-tags can help boost your sites SEO. Video marketing is no exception. Add your video to your website – get the metadata tagged. Link it to facebook – tag it! Upload to youtube, tag it! Keep going – there’s plenty of places you can link and tag your video. It all adds up!

5. Share Your Knowledge

Us humans are crazy beings. We crave to learn new things. Use your videos to educate your audience on your products and services. Demonstrations are a great way to inherently sell your product – but what the perception is that you’re demonstrating how a product works – it’s pro’s and con’s etc. Of course, once they see the product in action, they’re going to want one right!
Back up your awesome products with some testimonials too. Customers love to know that other people out there have given your product a chance – and really found it to be beneficial to them. Positive reviews and testimonials are essential these days. So get your video marketing strategy sorted – and be sure to incorporate testimonials in the process.

6. Call To Action

Because you’ve got such an awesome product to sell, and you’ve put together a killer video – you need to plan ahead and have your call to action ready to rock and roll. Make sure you insert a link so that your viewers can click through to the place where the deal is going to take place.
There’s no point in creating a video marketing strategy without an outcome at the end!

So there’s a few tips to get you started – we hope it has helped!

Want help with your video marketing strategy?  Check out some of our videos here, and  Contact us – we’d love to help!  (Ps – that’s our call to action!)




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