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Website exposure – Do you need Social Media?

So, you’ve decided to have a new website built, or your current website upgraded. Excellent. You should be doing this every three to five years, so congratulations on being pro-active around your business’s exposure.

Have you considered all the aspects required for that exposure though?

Having the worlds best website doesn’t really mean much if no-one’s going to it. So how do you get your target demographic to head to your website?

There’s plenty of ways to direct traffic to your website. One of the easiest is social media. Effective use of social media that is.

It’s certainly the most popular method, and in my opinion, it’s the most cost-friendly way as well. Mainly because you are in complete control of your spend, but also because there’s a decent amount you can do for no cost at all.

If your business has a website, it just makes sense for it to have a Facebook page as well.

Once you’ve got Facebook users “liking” your page, you can make posts that will pop up in their news feed. These posts can be links to articles, event notifications, product descriptions, blogs, and much more.

Ideally though, when a user clicks on one of your Facebook posts, it should take them to what they’re hoping to see, but on YOUR website, if your goal is website exposure that is.

But it’s not just Facebook.

As the giant of the social media scene, it’s definitely a great place to start. But depending on your business type, you should also be considering Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and more (if you’re not aware of all the social media platforms available, ask a teenager).

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How to Get Started on a Website with WordPress?

A great place to start if you want to be a complete DIY-er – would be to browse the WordPress website to get a better understanding of what it’s capable of doing for you.  But – this can be an info overload.  So if you’d like to speak to a real person about how to get started – give us a call.  We can point you in the direction for a complete DIY experience, or provide you with options that will suit the level of control you’d like to have.   

Get in touch and you’ll speak to a real person – even if you just want an un-biased opinion – we’d love to help!

What Level of DIY are you?

  • Complete DIY-er!  (I don’t need any help – I just need you to point me in the right direction.)
  • Set me up – then let me at it!  (Set up the core requirements to get WordPress in place – then I’ll take the lead from there.)
  • Make it happen and you lead the way!  (Set it up, get some action happening, but let me control the content on my site.)
  • Just do it!  (I’m not really a DIY-er…  I want someone to do it for me – but I’ll give some direction about what I want and what needs to be included.)

It doesn’t matter what level of DIY-er you are – if you want a website with WordPress – get in touch – we’ll give you as much or as little guidance as you need.

Get in Touch and Speak to a Real Person Today!

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