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whats happened to wordpress - say hello to gutenberg

What’s happened to WordPress? Why oh why do things have to change?  Human beings are (mostly) adverse to change, yet we have this habit of continuously changing things… for the better, one would assume!  And now our wonderful WordPress has been flipped upside down.  Yes, that’s right.  WordPress 5.0 is here – whether you like it or not!

So who likes it?  Who has figured out how to use it? Who wants to crawl back under their 2018 rock and stay there?

Personally, I kind of fit into all those categories.  I see the potential and the benefits, but I’m not sure I was ready for it, and quite frankly, my 2018 rock was quite comfy.  But it’s happened, and I’m jumping on that bandwagon and holding on tight for the ride. 

Gutenberg – Friend or Foe?

Here’s a few quick links to help you on your way.  Check out Gutenberg – you latest and greatest content editor. With the introduction of blocks, Gutenberg is trying to be a bit more like the other content plugins we’ve all become so fond of – like Visual Composer and the likes.  Gutenberg is certainly not at the complexity of some of the longer standing plugins available, but it’s anyone’s guess as to whether or not it will one day make it to the top!

whats happened to wordpress - gutenberg has

Take the Shortcut!

But what if you don’t like Gutenberg?  It’s ok – you can still switch back to the old editor by installing the official Classic Editor plugin and you can also still use all your favourite content editor plugins too.  So I guess it’s really not all that bad.  And if you do see the potential in Gutenberg, here’s a list of shortcuts you might like to have a play with to make life that little bit easier:

Editor shortcuts

Shortcut description Linux/Windows shortcut macOS shortcut
Display keyboard shortcuts. Shift+Alt+H ⌃⌥H
Save your changes. Ctrl+S ⌘S
Undo your last changes. Ctrl+Z ⌘Z
Redo your last undo. Ctrl+Shift+Z ⇧⌘Z
Show or hide the settings sidebar. Ctrl+Shift+, ⇧⌘,
Open the block navigation menu. Shift+Alt+O ⌃⌥O
Navigate to a the next part of the editor. Ctrl+` ⌃`
Navigate to the previous part of the editor. Ctrl+Shift+` ⌃⇧`
Navigate to a the next part of the editor (alternative). Shift+Alt+N ⇧⌥N
Navigate to the previous part of the editor (alternative). Shift+Alt+P ⇧⌥P
Navigate to the nearest toolbar. Alt+F10 ⌥F10
Switch between Visual Editor and Code Editor. Ctrl+Shift+Alt+M ⇧⌥⌘M


Selection shortcuts 

Shortcut description Linux/Windows shortcut macOS shortcut
Select all text when typing. Press again to select all blocks. Ctrl+A ⌘A
Clear selection. Esc Esc


Block shortcuts 

Shortcut description Linux/Windows shortcut macOS shortcut
Duplicate the selected block(s). Ctrl+Shift+D ⇧⌘D
Remove the selected block(s). Shift+Alt+Z ⌃⌥Z
Insert a new block before the selected block(s). Ctrl+Alt+T ⌥⌘T
Insert a new block after the selected block(s). Ctrl+Alt+Y ⌥⌘Y
Change the block type after adding a new paragraph. / /


Text formatting 

Shortcut description Linux/Windows shortcut macOS shortcut
Make the selected text bold. Ctrl+B ⌘B
Make the selected text italic. Ctrl+I ⌘I
Underline the selected text. Ctrl+U ⌘U
Convert the selected text into a link. Ctrl+K ⌘K
Remove a link. Ctrl+Shift+K ⇧⌘K
Add a strikethrough to the selected text. Shift+Alt+D ⌃⌥D
Display the selected text in a monospaced font.    

Get your FAQ straight!

Check out these FAQ for more info and hints on using Gutenberg.

So the next time you’re wondering what’s happened to WordPress – it’s probably just another update turning your world upside down again!

How to Get Started on a Website with WordPress?

A great place to start if you want to be a complete DIY-er – would be to browse the WordPress website to get a better understanding of what it’s capable of doing for you.  But – this can be an info overload.  So if you’d like to speak to a real person about how to get started – give us a call.  We can point you in the direction for a complete DIY experience, or provide you with options that will suit the level of control you’d like to have.   

Get in touch and you’ll speak to a real person – even if you just want an un-biased opinion – we’d love to help!

What Level of DIY are you?

  • Complete DIY-er!  (I don’t need any help – I just need you to point me in the right direction.)
  • Set me up – then let me at it!  (Set up the core requirements to get WordPress in place – then I’ll take the lead from there.)
  • Make it happen and you lead the way!  (Set it up, get some action happening, but let me control the content on my site.)
  • Just do it!  (I’m not really a DIY-er…  I want someone to do it for me – but I’ll give some direction about what I want and what needs to be included.)

It doesn’t matter what level of DIY-er you are – if you want a website with WordPress – get in touch – we’ll give you as much or as little guidance as you need.

Get in Touch and Speak to a Real Person Today!

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