why should I be blogging?

Why should I be blogging?  Some people get it, some people don’t.

Let me explain!

Let’s just say you’re a Scotsman, stripping.  You know – stripping wallpaper…  (where was your mind going…).
And you have an awesome video of it.  You want to show it off to the world so that they can see how great you are at, stripping.

You post it to social media – that’s awesome.  You’ll probably get a lot of views and hits.  But has it translated into many (or any) leads?  Maybe if you had the video on your website – and then you shared that page on social media – maybe you’d get a higher conversion on it.  You probably would.

But WHY?

It’s simple – because although people are still only interested in watching the video they found of a stripping scotsman, they’re now doing it via YOUR website.  They’ll now be indirectly viewing your site – they may even get interested in your services and have a look around while they’re there.  They most likely see your business name and logo – and so you’ve started the cycle of repetitively showing them your brand – and hence they’re now even more likely to use your services or refer you on to others.

Attract more people!

When someone reads your article, and they like it – they’ll share it around and attract more people to your site.  That’s the power of blogging, the power of networking and the power of having a well-oiled website!

You need to blog to generate a larger audience – and guess what, blogging is quick and easy – so get started today!

Prove your credibility!

When you post articles on your site, you show-case your work and your skills.  You’re showing people that you really do have the talent that your site says you do!  Testimonials are also great at doing this, but when you’re blogging – you get to show off the things you want people to see.

So get out there and prove your value!

Build trust and rapport!

The more you interact with your potential clients, the more trust they’ll have in you and your services.  Blogging is just another way you can do this.  Make sure you share your blogs – so people actually get to see them and read them.  Chances are, if they’re interested in what they’re seeing – they’ll hang around your site for a while and look at a few more things too.

Build trust and rapport through blogging.  It’s quick and easy.

Generate leads!

By creating great content, and putting it on your website in a blog, your increasing your chances of generating leads and creating opportunities for your business.  Who doesn’t want more leads!

These days, simply providing an excellent service won’t always mean you get the business – people have to find you first!  So start blogging and bringing people to your site.

Generate more leads for free!

Make it memorable!

Try to blog like you’re telling a story.  Talk to people, don’t talk at them.  Explain your work as if you’re having a conversation with someone – and make it memorable.  If you create some emotion and make it memorable, they’ll be more likely to think of you when they’re next looking for the services you provide.

Don’t be a robot – tell a story worth remembering.

Don’t be a sheep!

Just because your competitors don’t do it – doesn’t mean you shouldn’t.  Standing out from the crowd is one of the amazing things we can do these days to capture the attention of passers-by.  Stand out and be proud about it.  Show off your work and get creative while you do it.

Keep creating new content and use this to your advantage.

Qualify your work!

By regularly blogging about your work and your experiences, you’ll be showing the world that you really are qualified to do the work you say you can.  Use your blogs as a way to validate your expertise in your field of work.  Yes – you may well have a page explaining your services and how amazing you are at them – but nothing compares to people seeing and reading about real life examples.

Build confidence as you validate your expertise.

Document your journey!

Blogging is an automatic way for you to create an online journal of your projects and major business events.  It doesn’t have to be hard or time consuming.  Simply put aside 5 to 10 minutes at the end of each project and write about it.  Write about the plan, the process, the outcome and any positive hiccups along the way!  You can also blog about significant events that might impact on your  clients or your business – anything at all!

Keep it short.  But keep it up – and create a journal through blogging!

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