Why you don’t need a web designer in your life…

Being told “you don’t need a web designer in your life” from a web design company seems counter intuitive really, doesn’t it?  Well the thing is – there’s so much more to getting your business successfully up and running online than just a website.  

Let me explain…

The Key Message

One of the key messages we like to put across to all of our clients – before they even become a client, is that, we could build you the BEST website in the whole of the world wide web.  But… that does not guarantee that a single person will see it.  

So before we progress with any web design project, we like to find out some information from you – eg – what do you hope to achieve at the end of all of this?

Telling us that ‘you want a website’ isn’t the correct answer by the way… You need to think much deeper than that – what is the website going to achieve for you?  Is it going to generate and increase business leads, build trust and rapport with existing clientele, provide a platform to share knowledge and information, create an interactive e-commerce platform – or some other completely random objective?  

Don’t worry – we won’t make you do this on your own if you’re already unsure of the answer.  We’ll talk you through things and get to the bottom of what your hoping to achieve – what YOUR key message really is.

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What’s Your Plan?

So, you’ve decided that you want or need a website. That’s great – but as I said above, having a website is not going to generate leads, or do any of those other things, unless people can find it.  

Now I hear you asking, ‘well, how do people find my website?’

Great question!

The answer though, is not always a simple one.  There are many options available to help your clients find your website.  In one word, we call this ‘Marketing’! Yep – that’s right, you need to consider marketing to be part of your plan.  Without it, your website is likely to stay lonely out there in the ethernet.

There’s a few common terms that get thrown around a lot these days, such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), pay per click advertising, paid advertising (which should hint to you that there’s an un-paid advertising option too!), funnels, target market, audience, click through rate, and the list goes on!  But to someone who isn’t trained in this complicated online world of marketing, this can all get pretty confusing, pretty quickly.

And this is why we say – you don’t need a web designer.  You actually need a lot more than that!

What you don’t need is, you don’t need a web designer who only does websites.  You need someone who understands the end-point of your plan. Someone who understands what it is that you’re trying to achieve, the key message you want to broadcast and the objectives you’re trying to meet.  From there, a plan can be put in place to get the right people getting in touch with your business. The website that you ‘know you need’ is simply a tool in this overall plan.  

What this also means, is that you need a web designer who understands this overall plan and is going to build your site as a tool, or stepping stone, to complete this plan.  Put simply, you need to find a company who can connect all the pieces of the puzzle – who will have all the expertise at hand, and working together to achieve more.

At Eye Dropper Designs, we provide a complete service approach.  We look at what you want to achieve, and then start putting the pieces in place to make that happen.  From getting the best looking website through use of top quality photography, video marketing clips and modern website designs and features, through to a wide range of marketing strategies that are tailored to your specific needs and objectives.

Start planning today

If this resonates with you and your business – get in touch today to find out what this plan could look like for your business.  Every business has a unique set of goals and objectives, so each plan needs to be tailored accordingly.  And which ever path you decide to take, remember, you don’t need a web designer – you need an all-inclusive approach to help you achieve your key message!

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Need more help?

If something we’ve mentioned here has sparked some additional questions in your mind about how to make the most powerful website to meet your needs, give us a call – you’ll speak to a real person and we can give you some real advice that is catered specifically to your needs and situation.

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